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USA, Laguna Hills, CA, Residential Home

Residential Home in Laguna Hills, California 
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Moisture Mitigation System (Flooring) - This particular home in Laguna Hills, CA had major moisture and mildew problems. The home sat in the path of where water would runoff to a small stream behind the home. Because of improperly installed French drains, the water would build up around the home and end up moving underneath the foundation or slowly flowed around the home to get to the stream. When we got to the home, it was in very poor shape with wet floors, bubbling and adhesive failures. Kenny Dias, Filed Superintendent for Elite Concrete Restoration, Inc. located in Southern California, called us asking what could be done to repair the major damage done. We advised Kenny to take core samples and Calcium Chloride tests to see what the condition of the concrete was in. The results were off the charts in terms of moisture content and the concrete also had high silicate content near the surface requiring the removal of 3/8" off the top of the entire foundation. After that, rapid set cement was applied to the floor to level it and bring back to its original height. Kenny was able to bead blast and apply KOSTER VAP I 2000 and the other contractors were able to continue repairs without interruption the next day.  
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Elite Concrete Restoration, Inc. (Kenny Dias, Field Superintendent) 



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